Princess Stabbity (fisher_queen) wrote,
Princess Stabbity

About three weeks ago, I officially gave up on fighting the fibro, and my injuries and whatever else is going on that I need to have checked out. That doesn't mean I'm going to do anything drastic to myself, but it does mean that instead of pushing myself to do the shit I can't, I've started listening to myself more, stopped being so embarrassed about my cane needing to come with me, and gotten a rheumatology appointment to see what they can do to help me.

My new doctor was also willing to call in the pain meds that help me while I wait for this appointment this week, and they aren't the kind that are destroying my liver, so that's a bonus too. I had two teeth pulled the week before last which also sucked and contributed to this, but really, I'm sick of working against myself and I've decided no more of that. It's actually been helping.

And I found myself able to go into an adjusted stance again yesterday so as soon as I get the clear from my doctor and possibly hit up PT, I can start shooting again, which thank fuck, I really really missed it and haven't been shooting since Halloween. It means shooting from the other side but I'm the gal who was pretty much ambidextrous until they tried to teach me to write, so I'll figure it out. I'm happy to get back to it and stuff.

Things ARE improving slowly.
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