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I am so fucking high you guys.

So. Foot has been getting no better since I went off the vicodin and I had a few really fucked up days of being kind of sickish this week, then happened to glance at my heel at like four in the morning where the pain seemed to be centered, on friday night/saturday morning.

Turned out there was a big big patch of leaky red covering my entire heel and seeping this really noxious smelling...stuff. I could see tissue and white and greenish patches, you guys. I needed to figure out what to do with the rat poison they'd given me to prevent blood clots and the doctor's office wasn't open until today, so I somehow got through the weekend in a haze of I don't even remember what the fuck, really, and today we called the office.

The surgeon heard what was going on, freaked out on the phone and wanted me in to see him immediately. I get there, he looks at the foot, tells me it's starting to smell and that pressure from the boot has made one of my surgery bruises ulcerate. It's really gross and hurting by this point again, like a really bad burn. He gave me an antibiodic, tramadol, because I'm not staying on vicodin long term, and medicated bandages that I have to change twice a day. And an aircast.

Problem with that is that I hadn't brought another shoe with me, since I hadn't figured on getting moved into the aircast and all. I now own the Worlds Ugliest Croc Knockffs, size men's 12. This injury thing is seriously getting old, you guys.

I also got to see what my foot looks like now, and the five screws and two plates are seriously messing with my head right now. It doesn't feel RIGHT somehow, in a way I hadn't dealt with when I knew they'd been put in. On the bright side, the xrays shut my mother up and she hasn't complained once at me today.

Go figure?

Myriad ooc drama in the comicbook portions of my roleplaying life again. I'm strongly contemplating dumping the characters I play from there JUST to be done with it. At any rate, I'M proud of the growth I've written for them over the past several months even if nobody else notices it, and I can say that proudly enough. One of the best writing choices I made this year was taking Ollie. I can't regret it, even though the rest of the justice league players are being assholes at me right now. However, Les Mis film was the answer to all my prayers and Enjolras finally has several of his friends in game and they're amazingly fun and awesome new people which pleases me.

So those are good things!
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